Xtract Solutions Case Study

The Customer:

How can we convince allergists that a software program will help them practice allergenic immunotherapy in a safer, more efficient manner, while also increasing revenue? Most allergists have been practicing for many years without any allergy-specific software. Why should they be interested? And why should they make this investment?

Xtract Solutions had a terrific product, but very little marketing. When Edge Pharmacy Holdings acquired a large stake in Xtract Solutions in May 2019, the company was getting about one lead per month. New customers came from tradeshows or direct outreach through cold calls. CSP put together a new marketing program, described here, that increased lead generation to over 10 per month. We established the goal of hitting 20 leads per month by mid 2021.

Branded Graphic Design 

The graphic element of the wheel, depicting the six modules of the software, was repeated throughout all marketing materials, including the website, sell sheets, postcards, Linkedin and Facebook posts, and  advertisements.

Originally created for the printed materials, this wheel graphic was subsequently used throughout many other pieces. We worked closely with Xtract to brand the six primary modules – Test, Prescribe, Mix, Outsource, Inject, and Comply. The wheel represents these six modules, which together help allergy practices manage their immunotherapy testing, treatment set generation, and patient injections.

Web Design and SEO

The new website we created emphasizes holistic Search Engine Optimization to provide the best possible viewer experience. Users coming to the website learn about Xtract Immunotherapy Software’s features and benefits, and also find interesting allergy related news and articles. The website includes a technical support pop-up window, where a customer can search for help and open a support ticket.

Social Media Management

We create regular LinkedIn and Facebook posts for Xtract Solutions to engage with their audience. The key here is to post meaningful, original content.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail includes postcards, letters, brochures, and catalogs. The key to these campaigns is high quality content, crafted by experienced technical writers. In addition we coordinate the creation and mailing of these campaigns with our sales personnel for customer followup.


We have designed a wide range of tradeshow booths for both in-person and virtual shows.