Edge Pharma Case Study

Edge Pharma’s marketing team, now known as CSP Marketing Group, has grown steadily over the past several years, bringing in talent in the subfields of website development, graphic design, writing, and analytics. The team’s first and primary challenge was to create a comprehensive marketing program for Edge Pharma’s products, strategizing, developing a wide range of materials, carefully planning their roll-out, and analyzing effectiveness. When we expanded to develop marketing for additional companies, we spun off from Edge Pharma, creating CSP.



Our graphic design team created the vibrant Edge Pharma logo, highlighting the “ph” to emphasize the chemistry component of the business. We also developed the Gowntown comic to bring some levity to both social media and print advertising.

Online Advertising

Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns were created to highlight the products and services provided by Edge Pharma. Ad campaigns and ongoing content generation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other websites and directories related to the pharmaceutical industry help build brand recognition and generate leads.

Website & SEO

In today’s world, the website is almost always the first impression for a prospective customer. For Edge Pharma, we completely redesigned the website, with the focus to increase the quantity and quality of traffic.

The entire site was optimized for excellent user experience, with simplified website navigation. New product images, descriptions, and literature reviews are regularly added. The content is optimized to help the individual pages show up at or near the top in many search engines. Fresh and timely content is key to a successful SEO.

Direct Mail

We create attractive, eye-catching postcards, letters, and brochures, targeted to specific audiences. Depending on the campaign, we feature one or more products, as well as the variety of services offered. Not just bulk mail, CSP targeted mailings are well written and followed up with a phone call from a sales representative.


In a typical year, CSP will manage dozens of tradeshows for Edge Pharma. CSP designs and builds the booth, creates marketing collateral, and handles staffing.

Social Media

LinkedIn posts include crisp, to-the-point articles or shorter “teases” that link to longer literature reviews on the website. In addition, Edge regularly posts to relevant content on Facebook and Instagram.

Trade Publications Advertising

Even with the explosive growth of digital media, print media is still very much with us, and a key element in Edge Pharma’s marketing mix. We create a wide range of print advertisements, including full-color ads featuring specific products, Q&A features, and advertorials. Magazines, trade publications, and niche print media are researched to determine the best vehicles for Edge Pharma and maximize the return on investment in the print advertising budget.