Sales & Customer Service Support

As a young or fast-growing pharmaceutical company, you may need additional resources. CSP is here to provide you any and all support you need to grow your business. In addition to a comprehensive marketing team, we have an experienced sales and customer service staff who are eager to learn all about your company and products so that they can represent you.

Here at CSP, we involve the sales team members in all marketing campaigns and initiatives because we believe they are an invaluable resource when it comes to converting prospects. Many times, the sales team is the final leg of the process to concluding a direct mail campaign because we know their conversations can help a prospect make the important decision to purchase. Additionally, part of our overall marketing strategy is to take multi-tiered and comprehensive approaches to campaigns. When we send out direct mail or emails on your behalf, we strongly believe that personal follow-up by sales staff ensures much better results. The personal touch of a phone call often helps to start a relationship or seal a deal. Our team is available to work a la carte on these campaigns or be your full-service sales solution.

If you are in need of a sales staff, chances are good you may also need customer service help. CSP has a trained team of customer service professionals who are familiar with the pharmaceutical industry. From account creation to order fulfillment to answering customer questions, this team can handle it all. Additionally, if you do not already have a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), or are not pleased with the one you have, we will help you implement the right system for you. We will identify the features that are most important in order to make an informed choice for a solid return on investment. A great CRM system should work well with other systems already in place and with the campaigns we hope to run on your behalf. Our customer service team will learn how to use your CRM system or utilize one we implement for you, making for a seamless and smooth operation.