Print Advertising

Print Advertising is an essential part of a strategic marketing plan that we develop for a pharma company. Print makes your marketing message physical. It is a marketing piece that can generate leads long after it was created. It is also a cost effective method of reaching customers. Print advertising is highly customizable, enabling you to create a personalized message for a particular recipient.

Because we specialize in pharma marketing, we know the Dos and the Don’ts with regard to marketing of medical products.

Direct Mail marketing

Despite the rise of digital media over the past two decades, direct mail marketing is still a very useful component of an integrated marketing plan. Marketing studies continue to show that direct mail outperforms digital marketing in response rates. It proves very effective in reaching the target audience, especially in niche markets. And direct mail offers endless options to be creative. We have found the keys to a successful campaign include effective targeting, clear calls to action, message repetition and continuity, and precise tracking of results to measure return on investment (ROI).


Brochures and Catalogs

We are all accustomed to having information stored in a digital format and delivered via email or downloaded from the Internet. Still, the printed catalog is not gone. Each year, companies print and mail millions of catalogs. Why? Because they work. A high quality and beautifully illustrated product catalog wins customer attention and can open doors to the business you would never reach using other marketing channels.


Trade Publications Advertising

Pharma trade publications are magazines and journals that are published and distributed to healthcare professionals in different specialties. The goal of ads in these publications is to inform the readers about “new and notable” products, services, and innovations related to a particular medical field. This advertising is highly specific and markedly efficient in delivering information to the right segment of medical professionals. It is very effective in advertising unique and cutting-edge products and technologies.