Digital Marketing For Pharma

Digital marketing is an essential part of a strategic marketing plan, especially for a growing company. It is designed to represent your company across all digital channels and put the company on the map in terms of search engines and social media.

Website Design

Your website is a 24/7 digital representative. It should reflect your company vision, mission, and unique style. We will work with your team to identify targeted niche markets and develop a unique value proposition (UVP). We will help you formulate your competitive edge and communicate it explicitly (via text) and implicitly (via images) on the website. We will develop a user-friendly and mobile-friendly design, which will include custom graphics and animation. High-quality content will be created with focus on your targeted audience. We will also help you navigate legal requirements to stay compliant with FDA and state regulations.



Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of making your website visible in the search engines. While online searches are one of the primary sources of leads for any company, they are especially important for growing pharma companies. Whether improving your current website or developing a completely new one, we can optimize website speed, improve internal linking structure, and keep the website content fresh with regular updates.

We also research direct competitors online to learn about their marketing strategies, then use this data to better optimize your web presence. One way this is done is to create a list of search terms related to your product or service, and then optimize the individual web pages to become “visible” in the search engines.


Online Advertising

Online advertising is directly connected to SEO. We use special programs to develop search term lists relevant to your products or services, then create advertising campaigns that are optimized for these search terms. As a result, you will pay less per click than your competitors. We also have experience navigating Google, Bing, LinkedIn, and Facebook rules related to advertising pharmaceutical products and services, so you will have a competitive edge in this highly regulated environment.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is focused on promoting your brand and products on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

It is good practice to utilize your company’s colors and graphic elements when creating social media pages. This provides a seamless transition for web users clicking between different websites, and it serves to reinforce brand recognition. We help you create and manage social media accounts using best practices. Cost-per-click advertising is also available if you want to show posts to targeted audiences based on their job title, professional field, or other demographic criteria. Additionally, many social media websites have requirements specific to pharmaceuticals, which we will help you navigate.